Cardless, Cashless & Contactless mobile payment solution for fuel

Drivitty platform connects fuel stations with their customers


Drivitty allows drivers to activate a fuel pump and pay for fuel through the app. All they have to do is add their card to the app, and, from that moment, all payments will go through there. The mobile system could be integrated and adapted to the customer’s (Fuel station/Fuel card provider) needs, standards, corporate identity, operating principles and internal systems.

Cardless, cashless, and safe – the solutions meet all security standards – PCI DSS (The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This standard ensures that a cardholder’s data is protected and secure to reduce credit card fraud.

Our solutions are customized for both business and individual clients. Fuel Retailer can easily reach clients with integrated marketing tools that allow you to communicate (via push notification, email, SMS) with clients in response to their behaviour, location, etc.

For a Fuel Retailer, this is a great opportunity to gain competitive advantage, increase customers’ loyalty, and analyze the customer’s habits to take effective marketing, pricing, and sales actions.

After downloading the app, the user can pay for fuel straight through his/her mobile device and receive personalized offers. This payment method is not only completely cardless and cashless, but it also saves time, money, and is convenient to use.

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