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  • Privacy Policy

    1. General Provisions

    1.1. This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as Privacy Policy) is a legal agreement between “Tankita” UAB, acting in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, company number 304737528, registration address Linkmenų g. 5 Vilnius, Lithuania (hereinafter referred to as the Company) as the owner and administrator the system of Drivitty (hereinafter referred to as Drivitty), and you, as the user of Drivitty.

    1.2. These rules notify on the Company’s practice related to your personal data being collected.

    2. Privacy Policy

    2.1. The company has a serious approach towards privacy of a person and, therefore, it focuses on protection of Your privacy while processing personal data. We are responsible for the security of your data we possess, store, process and transmit according to all applicable laws, including, but not limited to Lithuanian laws, GDPR and PCI-DSS.

    2.2. In order to use Drivitty, you must create a user profile. In each case the Company receives your personal data which You have submitted them. The Company processes your data from the moment You submit them.

    2.3. The Company collects information about you for the purpose of Service provision to You, on the grounds of contract conclusion and performance.

    2.4. Your data is also used in the development and improvement of the Drivitty platform, on the grounds of contract conclusion and performance and a legitimate interest.

    2.5. The Company may process Your personal data (email address, phone number) for direct marketing purposes. We can send news about services, offers and any other promotional material to you only if you consent to receive this information.

    2.6. The Company collects the following information about you:

    2.6.1. first name, last name;

    2.6.2. email address;

    2.6.3. telephone number;

    2.6.4. vehicle number;

    2.6.5. your account and bank card number;

    2.6.6. information about your location;

    2.6.7. your nickname.

    2.7. We shall store your personal data which is necessary for the contract performance and provision of services for 10 years from the last day of use of Drivitty. We will store data for direct marketing purposes no longer than 2 years from the last day of use of Drivitty.

    2.8. You have the following rights:

    2.8.1. the right of get acquainted with your personal data processed;

    2.8.2. the right to request to correct inaccurate personal data;

    2.8.3. the right to request to erase your personal data, except for the exceptions determined by law;

    2.8.4. the right to receive or transmit your personal information to another company (the so-called right to data portability);

    2.8.5. the right to restrict processing of personal data under certain circumstances;

    2.8.6. the right to object to processing of personal data where processing of personal data is based on our legitimate interests or legitimate interests of third parties;

    2.8.7. the right not to consent with processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes;

    2.8.8. the right to revoke Your consent at any time to processing of your data.

    2.9. To refuse or suspend processing of your data, you can apply via email: info@drivitty.com. After your identity has been determined, data processing will be immediately suspended and erased, unless such data are necessary to be kept in accordance with applicable law of the Republic of Lithuania.

    2.10. Should you have any other questions, requests or complaints regarding your personal data collected by the Company, you can address the Company via email: info@drivitty.com.

    2.11. The company may use the services of third parties (for example, servers provided by third persons, payment systems, provision of fuel and other services, design and administrative services), proper provision of which may require granting of access to your personal data. In this case, we ensure that data processors comply with confidentiality and obligation of assurance of proper protection of personal data.

    2.12. Your data without your separate consent may be submitted by the Company to the tax authorities, law enforcement, judicial authorities or pre-trial institutions for the investigations being carried out by them, or in other cases provided for in the legislation.

    2.13. Drivitty can collect cookies. Cookies consist of small files, including unique identifiers that Web servers send to Drivitty and which can later be sent back to the server each time Drivitty places a request from the server. Cookies are used to identify users and observe their behaviour.

    2.14. Cookies that we use do not contain any information that personally identifies you, but any personal information that we store about you may be linked to the information stored and obtained from the cookies.

    2.15. We may use the information that we receive by using cookies for the following purposes:

    2.15.1. to identify the device when you are use Drivitty;

    2.15.2. to enable the use of some of the functions of Drivitty;

    2.15.3. to improve the comfort of Drivitty;

    2.15.4. to analyse the use of Drivitty;

    2.15.5. to administrate Drivitty;

    2.15.6. to personalise the use of Drivitty, including application of ads.

    2.16. We treat your personal data responsibly, and we use technical and organisation security measures to protect your data. The data is securely stored and is available for a limited number of persons. Personal data are processed in the European Union / European economic area.

    3. Contact Information

    3.1. The Company’s representatives can be contacted via email info@drivitty.com or by any other means specified on the website www.drivitty.com.

    4. Updates

    4.1. The company may at any time change these Privacy Policy. Any change shall become applicable immediately after its publication and update of the Privacy Policy.

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